La Albufera cosmética

La Albufera cosméticaDuring first months of the year, beauty brands present us their new products and explain us all their benefits and effects.

This is why my last posts are related beauty and new brands I like to introduce you… as this one!

You know I never recommend anything without testing it by myself. I have a very sensible and atopic skin and I need to be very careful with anything I apply on my skin.

My new finding is a Spanish brand who makes natural cosmetic products with rice germ oil: ALBUFERA COSMÉTICA

What do these products provide our skin with?:

E vitamin, with a powerful antioxidant effect

Mega 3 & 6, with fatty acids we need to get from the exterior

Coenzime Q10, very important to maintain a youthful, protected and shining skin, mainly after 20 years old 😉

Carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, so important for having a healthy and colored skin.

Crema hidratante y nutritiva "La Albufera"

After testing these products during two weeks, I have decided to share them with you as I am pretty sure this can help some of you to get a more comfortable, hydrated and moisturized skin!

These are my  main goals for my skin when I look for new cosmetic products!!!;-) 😉 😉

Even my family is very happy using this brand as well, mainly when we come back from skiing and we apply the oil into our faces and necks as an “aftersun” routine. Amazing!!!

Check their website: to learn more about this brand… It is worthwhile!!!

Any doubt, please let me know 😉 😉 😉