Bioesthetics: total beauty care

Bioesthetics: total beauty care

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In order to share with you all my beauty tips, today I would like to tell you my favorite center in Madrid in order to get myself ready to face “my every day” with the best mood.

I knew them when I was pregnant and I have never stopped to visit them since then!

Why? Because of their care and knowhow about how you must be treated after this “amazing experience” .

They are not obsessed with you to realize on the effects ASAP but better on a progression on your body through the time! This is very appreciated after having been told about some experiences after having a baby….you know 😉

In addition, after meeting the team for this purpose, I realized that they offered such a wide range of treatments and beauty care that I could continue visiting them for even a better body improvement 😉 😉 😉

I do love Bioesthetics…I can share a massage or different facial and body treatments with my boy… and we agree that this is one of the best plans ever… together 😉 😉 😉 

Finally, as it is located at a very busy and trendy neighborhood, when we come out of the center, we usually spend some time with friends in some bar or restaurants which makes the plan even more attractive!!! 

We do think it is a perfect plan for anytime together if you are a beauty treatments lover!!

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Hoy os quiero hablar de un centro de belleza y bienestar al que acudo normalmente y del que salgo siempre más feliz que la última vez…

Os diré que llevo 7 años acudiendo a este centro. Comencé a visitarles cuando me quedé embarazada y desde entonces, nunca ha habido un día que no haya salido “pletórica” de felicidad, relajada y sintiéndome más guapa que cuando entré.

Puedes recibir tanto un masaje como hacerte una limpieza fácil, recuperarte tras un parto e incluso cambiar tus hábitos de comida por otros más saludables a la vez que pruebas cualquiera de sus tratamientos y todo en el mismo centro! :-) :-) :-)