Body Brite: getting ready for the Summer – Part I

 Hi everyone!

Already in the middle of battle for getting ready for holiday? :-)

This is a “hard time” where most of us try to get our best image before family and friends events, our annual leave and so on…

So today, I would like to share with you my new beauty finding… :-)

This treatment is not only available in Spain. So you can check the link I am going to include within this post to find your nearest centre.

Let’s start our “Summer project” with a facial treatment!!!

I received three sessions and… my skin has become shiner, younger and so moisturized… I would say this is the perfect anti aging treatment I have ever tried! 

:-) :-) :-)

How have I got this? Thanks to BeOxy treatment: a beauty process where some active principles are applied to your skin, stimulating natural collagen creation through a natural way, applying 95% pure oxygen….Yes, sounds cool… and the best is… the cool result as well…

 The first step is analyzing your facial hydration level before and after the treatment.

 Then the treatment starts up with a facial cleansing and later on, the BeOxy mix is applied with an airbrush who helps the product to reach deeper skin layers.

The mix includes hyaluronic acid, Q10 co-enzyme 10 and peptides among other substances. To finish the treatment, the team covers your skin with creams with SPF and then you are free to go!!!!  😉

As this is a short version of the full treatment, you can read more within this link!
Ahora que estamos en esa época del año en la que, si no tienes una boda es porque te toca un bautizo… y así sin pausa hasta que llega el verano… quiero compartir con vosotros uno de mis últimos descubrimientos de belleza con la que comencé la operación verano, en la que siempre es interesante tener varias y nuevas opciones… :-)

Hace un tiempo acudí al centro Body Brite de Alonso Cano, en Madrid, donde son verdaderos especialistas en el cuidado de nuestra piel.

Tras realizar un análisis detallado de la misma, midiendo el grado de hidratación de nuestra piel, comienza el tratamiento facial del que quiero hablaros hoy.