Last week I was attending a new brand launch by L’oreal group: Botanicals freshcare 

Botanicals fresh care

The event was really amazing and we had a lot of fun in the middle of the city where a greenhouse was recreated. :-) :-) :-)

In addition, there were some other spots: a lab, where the brand team explained us the main ingredients and benefits of each range of products for our hair beauty.

A flowers workshop where making our own creations… very cool…

Finally, to complete an amazing event…we could enjoy tasty mini cakes and a coffee bar where I found out the best dessert ever: macarons filled with smoked salmon…. I felt in love with them!!! 😉 😉 😉

Returning to Botanicals Brand products, I would like to share with you the Benefits of each of the products:

Geranium range effect: radiance remedy for dull hair

Geranium range L'oreal

Coriander range effect: strength source for damage hair