Every year before autumn, I usually try to “reset” myself going to some beauty center to spend the winter with the best face possible… 😛 😛 😛

I am always starting with my hair care…

Aquarela peluqueros

This year has not been different… So I visited my friends from Aquarela Peluqueros center  to ask them which treatment could apply to my hair after the sunny season as it was starting to become a little frizzy.

And….after visiting them, I become really happy again!!!

My hair received a keratin treatment, which they have recommended me, and  I got out of the hair salon with a brighter, straightener and stronger hair again while I am waiting for the end of the year to visit them in order to repeat my  Brazilian straightening… love it!!!

It must be applied twice per year 😉 😉 😉

As always, before leaving they remind me of the best advices to apply until my next visit… and  I  want to share some of them with you…

At the end, along with the treatment itself is at least as important as the aftercare as follows: using natural shampoos (mainly salt free), use hydrating masks twice per week as well as every time our hair is going to be under the sun or into the sea…

If you ever come to Madrid, I strongly recommend you this place… it is worth spending sometime here… :-)

Hope you find these advices useful wherever you are… before the cold season joins us…

Plastica capilar

Después del verano siempre me tomo algún día libre para aplicarme algunos de mis cuidados corporales favoritos. En septiembre, siempre noto mi piel  muy afectada por el sol y el calor…  y es muy importante recuperarse para enfrentarse al invierno con la mejor cara posible! 😉

Así que,  me he puesto manos a la obra, haciendo una planificación sobre qué tratamientos creo que son “más urgentes”, en base a mi presupuesto… y como siempre… gana mi pelo!

En vuestro caso? Quién gana? 😉