SKIN INC: First skin Supplement bar

SKIN INC: First skin Supplement bar

Last June I had the pleasure to join an influencers group to test new products from Skin Inc. brand, the first supplement bar over the world.

We were accommodated in one of the best resorts located in Valencia: Oliva nova resort, where you can enjoy within their Spa and try Skin Inc. products, whenever you want.

Now, after some months, I can share with you my personal experience and I can only say that it is

A M A Z I NG!!!

Amazing… how my skin shines and amazing… the softness I feel in my daily life since some months ago… this is making my day!!!IMG_2Once you start to treat your skin with their products,  you realize that your skin is improving day by day, getting a better pigmentation, removing your dull skin, stop dryness skin…

The most important, how could I get this?

At First step, getting my customized serum according to my needs and applying three drops twice daily before moisturizer. My exclusive serum included Chrolella, A vitamin and Coenzyme Q10. 


In addition, I have applied once per month or anytime I have had some special event, one of Skin Inc treatment masks, which you get in top and bottom halves and which you can mix and match to create a truly customized face mask.

And finally, when you do not have any special requirement on your skin but you want to improve it all…i.e. A L W A Y S ;-), the best and my current treatment is “My daily dose” serum, formulated with:

Vitamin A serum to improve tone and reduce the appearance of dark circles

Chlorella serum to improve skin texture, brighten dull skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots

Hyaluronic Acid serum that is hydrolyzed to deliver long-lasting hydration and ensure deeper absorption

What else? Go for shopping and share with me the effects… I can ensure you that they will be so nice that you will become a “Skin Inc lover”….

To be honest, sometimes there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a treat!

😉 😉 😉

SKIN INC: First skin Supplement bar